The Assembly at Augusta


Ministry: Welcome Team
Volunteer Role: Usher
Service Times: Sunday Morning

Ushers: Sunday Mornings

Ushers help people have a good/God experience by helping people find their seats, navigate the facility, minimize distractions and primarily serve inside the auditorium. Be in position 30 minutes before the service begins as the doors open. Being in position means that you’re fully engaged and ready to serve people. Help people find their seats.  Be proactive about people who are looking for seats and take steps toward them.  Kindly but firmly escort people to seats near the front of the auditorium and be sure to fill up middle seats first. Help facilitate the collection of tithes and offerings when called upon by the scheduled 

Stay in position until the sermon starts, and then take a seat on the aisle.  At the end of the service, get back in position, but wait until the closing comments and the last few seconds of the service.  Don’t move during the response time or prayer. 

Number of volunteers needed:  2-4 each Sunday.  Total 10-12

Fully staffed, we will only need volunteers to take a turn once every 4-6 weeks. 

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