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Nursery Volunteer

Nursery Volunteers: Sunday Mornings, Wednesday Nights, Special Events

The nursery volunteer is responsible for the spiritual and physical care of children during Services. Volunteers should be in the nursery ready to receive children at least fifteen minutes before service starts and remain with the children until parents come and pick them up. The volunteer must be able to watch over, interact with, feed, and change diapers as necessary.  At pick up, the volunteers should give the parent a quick assessment of the child’s needs while in their care. The care and Welfare of the child is the volunteers top priority. The volunteers should be open and considerate of emergency schedule changes or pulling an extra duty if absolutely necessary due to sickness, family crisis, or beyond their control work issues of other volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for making sure the nursery is picked up, clean (to include vacuumed in all trash cans with dirty diapers are in the dumpster, Nursery bathroom toilet is clean in) and ready for the next service before they leave. 

Number of volunteers needed: 2 each Sunday. Total 8-12

Fully staffed, we will only need volunteers to take a turn once every 4-6 weeks. 

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